Limberlost Challenge 2015

I attended the Limberlost Challenge for the first time this year. What an amazing race. Epic scenery, amazing weather and great post race refreshments (meals, drinks and great people). I highly recommend the race to anyone, there are distances for all types of runners. Check the race website for more details. More race details to […]

Great vpn appliance for work or home

If you don’t mind tinkering, setting up your own VPN server for your home is relatively easy.  Especially if you take advantage of Turnkey Linux’s pre-built openvpn appliance.  If you aren’t familiar with Turnkey, I highly recommend you head over to to check them out. I recently set this up at home; for obvious reasons (media […]

Graphing Prstat raw data with Python, matplotlib and pandas

On a recent performance testing engagement the customer didn’t have a resource monitoring solution in place.  Luckily, most Unix OS’s have awesome tools, just takes a little tinkering. So, for the project requirements, I needed the following two system level KPI’s: CPU usage Java HEAP usage As you may know, prstat can’t provide data for […]

Cools ways to code “The Grinder” tests

First off, a shout goes out to The Grinder and their open source team that brought us The Grinder! I was recently working on a project where I didn’t have a lot of time for script development.  I decided to take a quick look at the script template that Grinder generates after recording test case […]

Graphing verbose GC logs using Python and Matplotlib

I was recently working on a project that required some resource automation. Since the target application server was running on Java, I wanted to provide Java Heap statistics. I didn’t have access to instrument the JVM, so I was forced to use the verbose GC logs generated by the application server. One challenge was that […]

The skinny on new supplements for my 2015 running season

Please keep in mind that not every supplement is meant for any specific individual. The National Teams have order supplements such as (as observed by Peak Centre who work these teams): Super Strength Oreganol Vitamin D3 Curcumin Protein Krill Oil Astaxanthin Black Fermented Garlic DIM As I found out from Peak Centre, these supplements have all been popular […]

Give Me 5 or 10 Minutes After Your Run

Five minutes before, then five or 10 minutes after you run. If you do these routines the chance that you’ll get injured won’t go to zero, but it will decrease. And if you can do something that keeps you running, allowing you to continue building your aerobic engine, why wouldn’t you invest a small amount […]

Copy File Path as Text in OS X

As a new Mac user, I was baffled to discover there was no default way to copy the path of a file or directory to the clipboard.  Luckily, I found a reasonable solution. Open Automator. Select the Service template. Set options at the top to “Service receives selected files or folders in Finder.” Drag over […]

How to Install Paramiko and PyCrypto in Mac OS X the Easy Way

Paramiko is an SSH module for python that allows for secure connections to be made, and pycrypto is a cryptography toolkit for python. Whether you need one or the other, or both, the easiest way to get them both installed through Mac OS X is through paramiko.  No need to use HomeBrew, MacPorts, or any […]

New trail race for 2015

I am officially signed up for another race in 2015, the Limberlost Challenge.  A friend of mine lured me in ;-).  I am a sucker for trail races, especially one that is in the area where I grew up (in Muskoka). Now I need to find some more fun races to attend.  I won’t be aiming […]

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