Graphing Prstat raw data with Python, matplotlib and pandas

On a recent performance testing engagement the customer didn’t have a resource monitoring solution in place. ¬†Luckily, most Unix OS’s have awesome tools, just takes a little tinkering. So, for the project requirements, I needed the following two system level KPI’s: CPU usage Java HEAP usage As you may know, prstat can’t provide data for […]

Graphing verbose GC logs using Python and Matplotlib

I was recently working on a project that required some resource automation. Since the target application server was running on Java, I wanted to provide Java Heap statistics. I didn’t have access to instrument the JVM, so I was forced to use the verbose GC logs generated by the application server. One challenge was that […]

Installing The Grinder on Ubuntu

Installing The Grinder The Grinder does not include an installation script or start-up scripts for some strange reason.¬† You therefore need to do all of this stuff yourself. Here’s how I did it. Prerequisites The only prerequisite for The Grinder is Java 1.5 or greater, but some features can only be used with Java 1.6. […]

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