Fixing VMWare Workstation Folder Sharing issue in Debian

Was recently setting up a Debian VM at home. Was trying to mount a share from the Host OS, to be shared with the Debian VM guest.

Normally this is a trivial task. However, since I have been recently working from Turnkey Linux base VM images I have been noticing this issue consistently.

This is not caused by Turnkey Linux, but as a result from package types that are used.

On systems where I removed open-vm-tools and tried to install VMware tools from source it never worked right.

After some debugging and research, I quickly discovered the issue was related to the modules loaded by the kernel.

My solution was to run the configuration with the clobber-kernel-modules setting to overwrite the existing vmhgfs module.

 sudo -d --clobber-kernel-modules=vmhgfs

The -d selects all the defaults for you (remove it if you don’t want the defaults).

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