Journey to completing my First Triathlon

As I began to admit to myself that I was getting older and that focusing on a single sport would eventually take its tole on my body, I gladly embraced the idea of trying triathlons.

My friend and I decided to start small, with no crazy training plan in mind, just focus on all three disciplines with a goal to train each roughly twice a week.

Once we felt comfortable with the training we decided to sign-up for the Meech Lake Triathlon.

In April 2016, we both started shopping around for an entry level tri bike.  We both found what we were looking for at Bushtukah.  Both no more than $1300, add to that all the accessories probably around $1800.

Unfortunately, my training buddy put his back out 4 days before the event.  Being a training buddy and best friend, he showed up race day and was my coach :).

Overall I am satisfied with my results from the Mike Collingwood Memorial Triathlon.

Beat my training goal of two hours. Clearly lots of room for improvement. IMO, first discipline to glean best improvement is swimming. I know my technique could improve. My time was the slowest in my age category;-). Bike will just take more time on the saddle.

Comparing results: Wow, there are some really fast participants out there. My swim appeared to need the most work.

Race: Great! Great volunteers. Great course. Happy participant.



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