Learn the 15 laws of training proposed by Tim Noakes, MD

As I prepare for a new training season of running, I tend to review my theory first.  Then layout my training for the year and potential races.  My bible for running is the Lore of Running by Tim Noakes, MD.  In Ch. 5 of this book, he lays out the fundamentals to developing a good training foundation.  Here are the 15 laws of training that he proposed when reading a wide selection of information.

  1. Train frequently, all year-around*
  2. Start gradually and train gently*
  3. Train first for distance, only later for speed*
  4. Don’t set your daily training schedule in stone*
  5. Alternate hard and easy training
  6. At first, try to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training
  7. Don’t race when in training or run at race pace for distances above 16 KM*
  8. Specialize*
  9. Incorporate base training and peaking (sharpening)
  10. Don’t overtrain*
  11. Train with a coach
  12. Train the mind*
  13. Rest before a big race*
  14. Keep a detailed logbook
  15. Understand the holism of training

For details on each of these proposed laws, I highly recommend you pick up Lore of Running at your local book store on online – http://www.amazon.ca/Lore-Running-4th-Edition-Timothy-Noakes/dp/0873229592.

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