Using Docker to build Test Execution Infrastructure

Yesterday, I was having a lot of fun building stuff. I am a big fan of Docker and now learning Podman as well. Yesterday was about using Docker, Docker-Compose, WSL2 and building a cloud-ready approach to Engineering for Quality.

This project goal is to build a sample test execution infrastructure and supporting tools using Docker, Docker-Compose.

What is the recipe?

  • System under Test – YouTube
  • Auto-Scalable UI test automation execution infrastructure – Zalenium
  • Scalable AI-powered Test Automation Dashboard, acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health – Report Portal (
  • Test Automation Code – Java, Selenium Webdriver, TestNg, Cucumber, Log4j2, using Cucumber Archetype (,
  • Development approach: Behavior Driven Development

Note: All components run inside a Docker Container, running on native Linux (WSL2). Developed and debugged using VS Code remote WSL debugging plugin. This allows me to connect my VS Code to my Linux WSL container. Super awesome stuff.

I will post a micro tutorial video later this week, showing all the above in action 🙂

What is next… taking this generic approach and apply it to GCP. I have already done this on Azure, so now it time to try Google.

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