Monitoring Containers

I have been having fun monitoring containers. Specifically, low level metrics and simple dashboards.

After a some research, I landed on taking Cadvisor, node-exporter, mysql-exporter, feed that to Prometheus and use Grafana to dashboard your sytem or system under test. If you want to add extra reporting for Windows based host systems then you need to use PPM (Percona). It gives a much richer MySQL metrics not to mention all the rest of the goods. PPM (Percona) a little more work to setup. All open source.

Here are some example reports for Docker Host:

Docker Containers:

Note: On Windows 10, with WSL2 integration.

Here is the sample for PPM:

Note: Requires setup of PPM. I am using it on Windows 10 as it gives richer MySQL metrics.

Here is a click on the MySQL host graph

Here is a MySQL Over Dashboard:

I’ll create a new post with some instructions on how to set it up along with some sample code.

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