State of Testing 2019 Annual Report

From the State of Testing 2019 report:

“With about 1,000 participants from more than 80 countries, the survey aims to provide the most accurate information of the testing profession and the global testing community. Held yearly, the survey also captures current and future trends.”

Some of the conclusions mentioned in the report are:

  • Testers still need to be versatile and take up work in additional tasks and realms.
  • People keep moving to testing from other jobs or positions; testing is an attractive career that is flourishing in the eyes of the Industry.
  • Testing teams are getting smaller year after year.
  • Agile keeps being the most relevant development approach; DevOps has passed waterfall and is now second.
  • Testers blend different types of testing techniques as part of their work.
  • Organizations are shifting their testing, expanding both left and right.
  • There is increased collaboration between test and dev; the lines between teams are getting blurrier with time.

Full report available from my personal OneDrive here and embedded below.